Allerin is an international provider
of software solutions.

For more than two decades we design, develop and maintain a wide range of applications to suit your business needs. Over 88% of our present clients at any given time are repeat customers.

About Us

Allerin is a software solutions provider that delivers the most innovative and agile solutions that enable you to automate, inspire and impress. From design to development to delivery, we are the most efficient in the business. We dedicate hours of painstaking analysis to develop solutions that not only cater to our customers’ current requirements, but also scale seamlessly for future needs. Most importantly, we always aim to build solutions that focus on increasing your productivity.


For enterprise, it’s important to have trust in the technology that they are investing in and we understand that. It sure helps that we are experts at what we do! Our stringent QA process has given us global credibility and made us industry leaders.


We believe in delivering exceptional value using innovative solutions to every-day IT problems. For over a decade, we have gone the extra mile to understand requirements of a project and the business’s desired outcomes.


Our relationships are built on sustainable technology and that’s why our clients love to come back to us. We have become a vital part of their businesses because we believe in building systems that empower our clients to do what they do best.

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