Augmented Analytics

With Augmentvise™, organizations can easily democratize decision-making and confidently deploy augmented analytics. Leveraging the intelligent capabilities of this tool helps to create truly consumer friendly experiences with realistic expectations at their core – no more surprises! Plus, trust in autogenerated recommendations is guaranteed through an explainability layer that promotes data literacy while safeguarding against dereliction of critical thinking. Put simply: Allerin's Augmentvise™ empowers end users with smarter decisions based on deeper insights - every time they interface.


Augmentvise™ revolutionizes analytics consumption with automated data stories, providing learning opportunities to develop business outcomes from predictive models. It also effectively reduces functional duplication and ensures uniformity across the company's portfolio by communicating governance policies around platform capability-centric and domain-centric intelligence. In short: Augmentvise™: Your One Stop Shop for Proactive Intelligence!

Augmentvise™ supercharges analytics capabilities, helping organizations to rapidly discover hidden revelations buried among their data. ML algorithms can automatically sift and sort the information, transforming it into insights with natural language conclusions while simultaneously creating relevant visuals. Plus Augmentvise™ fosters a collaborative environment between users with its native social media experience - enabling them to annotate & share analytic content on other platforms for maximum impact!

Unlocking the power of data is now easier than ever before with Augmentvise ™, which leverages machine learning algorithms to create narrative stories based on insightful trends and patterns. Forget mundane numbers - our AI-based technology makes it simple to understand what consumers need by transforming raw data into explanatory tales that provide meaningful solutions in a user-friendly format.

Augmentvise™ gives organizations the unstoppable prowess of augmented analytics. With automated data preparation and insights discovery using machine learning, it helps democratize decision-making for all levels in an organization. Plus its ability to generate narrative stories with natural language conclusions and relevant visuals makes Augmentvise™ a true gamechanger, harnessing powerful data analysis at every turn!

Target Outcome: Strategy, Productivity, Decision Making

Industry: Healthcare, Financial services, Manufacturing, Retail, Media and entertainment, Construction

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