Allerin is an international provider
of software solutions.

We collaborate with our partners to integrate, build, provide, sell, and consult on the solutions, software, and services you need.

Watson IoT Platform gives you the ability to completely manage your IoT landscape and make better, even real-time, business decisions. Take advantage of secure, globally distributed data, analytics and cloud facilities, edge capabilities and a rich ecosystem of suppliers and solution providers.

Whether you run traditional on-premises IT or are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, hybrid IT model, we provide you with the market expertise to support your business model and what you need to succeed. We believe in helping you use technology to slash the time it takes to turn your ideas into value.

ThingWorx was purpose-built from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It contains the most complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities available, offering the industry’s deepest functional capabilities. ThingWorx makes it easy to develop and deliver powerful Enterprise IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value.

The Premier Industrial Internet Platform : Predix lets you deploy processing and analytics power to control assets at the edge or analyze machine data in the cloud using the secure Predix connectivity and execution framework. With Predix, you can create a secure, customized solution to best suit your assets, operations, environment, and business needs.

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