The higher education industry is facing double disruptions in changing demographics and increasing societal need for a continuously reeducated workforce. Allerin's Education Solutions create the digital capabilities required to support business opportunities through a digital architecture that is adaptable enough to deliver in each one of four quadrants of business opportunities. This is achieved by enabling the production of digitally native and modular content.

Allerin's Hybrid Framework for Education

Allerin's Education Solutions are the perfect way for educational institutions to tackle today's ever-changing landscape. Boasting robust, digital assessment platforms and a dynamic curriculum management system that can adapt course pacing on demand, these solutions give schools immense flexibility and efficiency when creating new assessments or managing content – even offering online & self service options!

Allerin's Education Solutions offer educational institutions a powerful, digital way to stay ahead of the curve. Their cutting-edge assessment platforms and dynamic curriculum management system allow schools an unprecedented level of flexibility – supporting instant course pacing adjustments as well new assessments with web & self service options! With these intuitive solutions, your school can learn how to make every day count in today’s ever-changing landscape.

The ROI of education for the individual and the enterprise varies depending on the skills' expected half-life, creating different business opportunities for the education provider. For traditional higher education institutions that include research, the business opportunity lies foremost in creating just-in-time learning for specific skills, especially those related to new trends, practices, or tools. Allerin's Education Solutions can help education businesses achieve this through innovative solutions that support digital learning and dynamic content management.

Higher Education

Allerin's Higher Education module is designed to equip institutions with innovative and future-ready solutions to navigate the ever-changing education landscape. It offers a range of powerful tools to help evaluate an institution's potential to deliver hybrid operating models, assess the impacts of market evolution, and support innovation within the institution. The module provides a digital architecture that is adaptable enough to deliver dynamic management of content, as well as flexibility and efficiency for new assessment forms. By leveraging Allerin's Higher Education Framework for Continuous Learning, institutions can diversify their revenue streams while meeting the societal need for continuous education. The framework comprises two axes - skills and timing - which help institutions categorize skills dynamically and understand the importance of timing in learning specific skills.

Allerin's High Education Digital Framework

The module supports Just-in-Case quadrant, is a familiar concept in the world of higher education, where the focus is on providing a well-rounded education that prepares students to contribute to society throughout their long careers. The skills taught in this quadrant are foundational and meant to last a lifetime. The timing for learning these skills is not as important as ensuring they are learned before starting a career. Universities typically measure success in this quadrant based on attracting and retaining students within specific age cohorts. The pace of change for developing and delivering education in this quadrant is slow, with new business capabilities typically not required beyond those that have been established for ages. The primary delivery channels are full bachelor's or master's programs that are highly integrated and last several years. The classic program diploma is the most common educational currency in this quadrant.

To achieve these goals, Allerin's education solutions utilize advanced ML algorithms, AI, and analytics to provide students with personalized learning experiences. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the platform can identify each student's unique learning needs and adapt the curriculum accordingly. This approach ensures that students are challenged appropriately and can learn at their own pace while also allowing them to explore topics that interest them. Allerin's education solutions also provide detailed reports and analytics to educators and administrators, enabling them to track student progress and identify areas for improvement.

Keeping Current

Allerin's higher education digital module offers solutions for professionals looking to keep up with changes and developments in their fields. The Keeping Current quadrant focuses on general professional development that helps to sustain existing careers or transition into new ones. At the extreme end, certain professionals are required to participate in continuing education in order to maintain their license or certification.

In today's fast-paced world, the pace of change for developing and delivering education in the Keeping Current quadrant is quickening. Allerin's higher education digital module is designed to help institutions capture new business capabilities and meet the needs of learners in this quadrant. For instance, business schools offering professional development to corporate clients can now provide fully digital options that don't require participants to travel. The delivery channels for education in this quadrant are still programs that can take weeks to a couple of years, but they're increasingly digital and self-paced. The education currency in this quadrant ranges from traditional program diplomas to industry-specific certificates. Allerin's advanced technologies, like AI, ML, and analytics, make it possible to create and deliver personalized learning experiences that meet the needs of learners in this quadrant.


Allerin's higher education digital framework also includes the "Just-in-Time" module, which helps professionals quickly learn new or trending skills to solve current problems. This quadrant is the most extreme for many higher education institutions, but Allerin's framework helps to adapt and stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing pace of work.

With the help of AI, ML, Analytics, and advanced technologies, Allerin's higher education framework offer a digital production and delivery process, allowing professionals to learn on their own time and at their own pace. The framework also provides ecosystem capabilities, such as metadata sets, to help professionals evaluate skills, put them into context, and determine if they are worth pursuing. This is particularly important for professionals who may be uncertain if they have the proper foundation to learn a new skill or if it will be worth their time and investment.

The Just-in-Time module offers small, self-paced micro-courses from minutes to weeks, all delivered digitally. The education currency in this quadrant is predominantly micro-credentials, assessed artifacts on a blockchain that demonstrate a skill. Allerin's higher education digital framework also creates partnerships with employers to ensure the relevance and timeliness of skills, providing a comprehensive learning experience for professionals.


Allerin's higher education digital framework includes a module that caters to individuals who want to broaden their knowledge for personal fulfillment or general utility for their profession. This quadrant is known as the "Autodidact" and traditionally involves reading physical books and journals. However, Allerin's module offers a digital production and delivery method that makes education in this quadrant more accessible and affordable.

This module utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and analytics to leverage existing content, such as courses, micro-courses, and books, to produce curated content for easy self-paced consumption. The content can be delivered through various digital channels, ranging from traditional streaming to chatbots. The pace of change for this quadrant ranges from slow to fast, depending on the topic covered. The revenue model for this module is based on volume, cost, and price, similar to modern retail, with marketing effect and brand recognition being important KPIs.

While there is no requirement for an education currency in this quadrant, the module offers the option for micro-credentials and badges to create a gamification element. Additionally, a stand-alone digital assessment capability is provided that issues digital credentials, creating a prior learning pathway into the other quadrants and a revenue stream in itself.

By offering this module, Allerin's higher education digital framework presents a well-explored autodidact business opportunity that can drive learners to offerings in the other quadrants. The audio of Great Courses can be generated and offered for purchasing, allowing for high-quality education while exercising or commuting, increasing consumption capacity.

SMART Education

Allerin's SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound) Education is an innovative solution for the education industry, designed to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various aspects of higher education. The SMART Education solution leverages AI technology to improve student engagement, retention, and productivity, enabling institutions to achieve measurable results in a timely and efficient manner.

Allerin's SMART Education solution is revolutionizing the education industry. This AI-powered platform provides higher ed institutions with powerful competitive advantages, such as personalized communication and recruitment through chatbots, early warning systems to identify students at risk of dropping out, and an intelligent grading system that automates evaluation. Through these innovative solutions, Allerin has created a new standard for modern educational excellence by inspiring efficiency in student retention efforts and faculty productivity gains.

Allerin AI Framework for Education
Chatbots for Personalization and Recruiting

Allerin's SMART Education is bringing personalized assistance to the academic space in a big way with their chatbot module! This innovative technology not only offers up useful tips and guidance on campus orientation, but can also provide students and faculty members invaluable support through career advice. Moreover, its conversational approach elevates learning by helping people compose papers or other assignments more effectively - making it easier than ever before for everyone involved in the educational process to benefit from that extra touch of personalization.

Early Warning Systems for Retention

The next exciting feature of Allerin's SMART Education is the early warning system. It uses the power of AI to identify students who might be struggling and at risk of dropping out. The system uses various data sources, such as academic performance, attendance, and engagement, to evaluate and identify students who need extra support. This helps the institution to take necessary steps and provide personalized support to students, helping them stay on track and achieve their academic goals. In other words, this module allows preventing students from dropping out, which is a win-win situation for both students and institutions.

The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze student data in real time. This includes data from attendance records, grades, and even the frequency of student interaction with the online learning platform. The system then processes this data and looks for patterns that suggest a student might be struggling or at risk of dropping out. Once the system identifies these patterns, it alerts the relevant staff members, such as advisors, who can reach out to the student and provide additional support to help them succeed. An early warning system is a powerful tool for institutions to support their students, increase retention rates, and help students reach their full potential.

Intelligent Automation of the Grading Process

Allerin's SMART Education solution offers an innovative and time-saving module for faculty members called "Intelligent automation of the grading process." Grading assignments and tests can be a tedious task for educators, often consuming a significant amount of their valuable time. This module provides a solution that leverages the power of AI to streamline the grading process, allowing educators to focus on other essential tasks, such as teaching and research.

This module uses machine learning algorithms to analyze student work and provide feedback, making the grading process more consistent and efficient. The system can evaluate assignments and tests based on a predetermined set of criteria, such as grammar, organization, and accuracy, and then provide feedback to students. This can include suggestions for improvement, as well as specific comments on areas where the student excelled or needs further development. The intelligent automation of the grading process not only saves time for faculty members but also provides more objective and accurate feedback to students.

Hyper Automation for Education

Design Process by Allerin's Hyperautomation for Education

Allerin's Hyperautomation Module for education is a comprehensive solution that ensures the process is reimagined with an automation-first outlook examining the roles for technology and humans. This technology-driven solution enables the education industry to automate routine and mundane tasks, empowering staff members to focus on more valuable tasks that require their expertise. Hyperautomation is a powerful tool that enhances the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process while ensuring the smooth operation of business processes. Allerin's Hyperautomation solution provides business value and has been shown to produce quantifiable results for higher education institutions, significantly improving their overall efficiency, reducing costs, and improving outcomes.

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