Allerin provides a revolutionary solution for the legal services industry. By combining AI, ML, and computer vision technologies, Allerin offers an integrated platform that simplifies running a business in this sector - making it faster and more efficient than ever! Let's explore what ground-breaking features make up their innovative offering.

Allerin's solution covers a range of critical areas in the legal services industry, including matter management, legal document management, and contract life cycle management (CLM). The solution automates routine tasks with advanced AI algorithms and computer vision technology, freeing up valuable time and resources that legal services providers can redirect to more strategic initiatives.

In terms of matter management, Allerin's solution provides a centralized platform to manage legal matters and associated information and documents, making it easy to track the progress of each case. The legal document management system streamlines document creation, organization, and retrieval, allowing legal services providers to access the information they need to provide effective representation quickly.

Allerin's CLM accelerates the contract creation process, allowing legal service providers to swiftly move through negotiation and execution with far less risk of blunder. This solution streamlines the tedious task of contract administration for added speed in fulfilling crucial contractual obligations.

Allerin's revolutionary solution offers legal services providers an opportunity to gain a competitive edge through its comprehensive set of AI, ML, and computer vision technologies. With these powerful tools, firms are able to streamline processes more efficiently than ever before – reducing time spent on manual tasks while providing savings in both cost and effort.

Legal Solutions

Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) Automation Suite

Allerin's Legal Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate contract creation and management. AI-powered, it provides users with all comnents of the agreement journey - from drafting and negotiation through storage, reporting and analysis; empowering legal leaders by streamlining their operations for increased efficiency. To promote user-friendliness, Allerin CLM includes features like e-signatures, email integration as well as workflow automation – unifying both technology roadmap objectives while making collaboration effortless during negotiations or finalizing documents. If you're aiming at improving visibility into your contracts portfolio or simplifying contract administration processes in general: look no further!

Critical capabilities of Allerin’s CLM Automation Suite are

Application Setup and Maintenance

Allerin's CLM platform comes with comprehensive administrative tools for clause library creation and management, contract template creation and management, alerts/reminders, exceptions management, access rights, and workflow configuration. This enables legal teams to have full control over the contract creation process.

Requesting a Contract

Streamlining the process of creating or reviewing contracts, the user-friendly Requesting a Contract feature makes it simple to get your business moving. With just one click in an accessible portal or web form, you can initiate agreements essential for future projects and partnerships - enabling success for your organization with ease!

Creating a Contract

Allerin's CLM is your one-stop shop for contract creation. Its powerful document generation capabilities come equipped with a user-friendly wizard, clause assembly and word processing tool - so you can create agreements customized to meet all of your needs in no time! No more wasting precious resources attempting complicated manual processes: Allerin has made it easier than ever before to craft perfectly tailored contracts without breaking a sweat.

Negotiation and Approval Workflow

Negotiation and Approval Workflow is a feature in Allerin's CLM platform that streamlines the contract negotiation process. With this capability, legal teams have access to a suite of tools that help simplify negotiations and get contracts approved quickly and efficiently. The platform includes features such as redlining, which allows legal teams to track changes made to a contract in real-time, document comparison to easily compare different versions of a contract, auto-approvals to automate the approval process, audit trails to keep track of all activity, version control to ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date version of the contract, email integration to keep communication organized, supplier collaboration to keep everyone on the same page, and e-signatures to finalize the agreement. Overall, the Negotiation and Approval Workflow makes it simple for legal teams to get contracts signed and approved in a timely manner.

Storing Contracts

Storing Contracts is a critical aspect of contract management, and the CLM platform has got you covered! With its secure contract repository, you can store all your contracts in one centralized place, ensuring that all critical information is easily accessible and organized. The platform also provides the ability to enforce record retention policies, ensuring that your contracts are maintained in accordance with your organization's requirements. Additionally, it integrates with the active directory, making it possible to manage user access to contracts, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals. With these features, you can rest assured that your contracts are safe, secure, and easily accessible whenever you need them!

Searching Contracts

Searching for contracts can often be a daunting task, especially when you have a large number of them stored in different places. Allerin's CLM platform helps solve this problem by providing advanced search capabilities that make it a breeze to locate the contracts you need. Whether you're searching for specific metadata, full document text, or attachments, the platform has you covered. With features like fuzzy search and PDF search, finding the right contract has never been easier. So, if you're tired of wasting time sifting through stacks of paper or scrolling through endless digital files, give Allerin's CLM a try. Your contract search headaches will be a thing of the past!

Running Standard Reports

Picture this: You're sitting in a meeting and your boss asks you for a report on the average cycle time for contract approval or how many contracts are in compliance with regulations. With the Running Standard Reports feature on Allerin's CLM platform, generating reports like these is a breeze. You simply access the configurable dashboard, select the report you want to run, and voila! The information you need is right there in front of you. This feature not only makes running standard reports a breeze, but you can even create custom reports on aspects like obligations and metadata management. So, say goodbye to endless hours of manual data gathering and hello to easy and accurate reporting!"

Advanced Analytics

"With Allerin's Advanced Analytics feature, legal teams have the ability to make confident and informed decisions. It's like having a personal legal assistant who quickly reviews contracts and reports on compliance, risk scores and financial performance. It's a powerful tool that streamlines your work, saves you time and helps you make smarter choices."

Updating/Renewing a Contract

Updating or renewing a contract can be a complicated and time-consuming process. With the CLM platform, managing these changes is made easier with a streamlined workflow and record-keeping system. You can easily track contract amendments and versions, ensuring that your legal agreements are up-to-date and in compliance with regulations. This feature saves you time and effort so that you can focus on more important tasks. With all the contract information in one place, updating or renewing a contract has never been easier.

Sales Workflows Integration

Allerin's CLM platform is revolutionizing your sales process with its Sales Workflows Integration feature. It seamlessly integrates key CRMs and CPQs so you don't have to worry about manual data entry or potential errors - allowing you to focus on the big picture of growing your business. Thanks to this integration, all stakeholders will be able to access a single source of truth for informed decision-making and efficient collaboration on every sale opportunity!

Procurement Workflows Integration

Procurement Workflows Integration is an innovative feature offered by Allerin's CLM platform that streamlines procurement processes. With this integration, the platform seamlessly integrates with strategic sourcing and procurement applications, allowing legal teams to work hand in hand with procurement teams to get the job done efficiently. The integration ensures that procurement workflows are streamlined and efficient, making the entire procurement process quicker, smoother, and more effective. With Procurement Workflows Integration, legal teams can keep their focus on what they do best while procurement processes run in the background with minimal disruption.

Legal Workflows Integration

Allerin's integration with enterprise legal management and matter management applications offers an innovative, comprehensive solution for optimizing the entire legal workflow process. This streamlined approach enables teams to reduce risks associated with miscommunication and missed deadlines while enhancing their productivity and efficiency through a unified view of all aspects of the contract lifecycle - from negotiation, creation & storage to final approval.

Automated Contract Review and Comparison

Automated Contract Review and Comparison is a feature within Allerin's CLM platform that leverages AI technology to streamline the contract review process. This advanced analytics capability enables legal teams to quickly and efficiently compare multiple contract versions to identify changes, discrepancies, and potential risk areas. The automated process eliminates the need for manual document comparisons and allows legal teams to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks. The platform's AI algorithms analyze and compare contract text, clauses, terms, and conditions to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of the changes made over time. This feature can help legal teams make informed decisions, minimize risk, and ensure contract compliance. With Automated Contract Review and Comparison, legal teams can save time,

Compliance Reporting

Legal teams can stay on top of their obligations with Compliance Reporting. This feature helps them compare agreements in contracts to regulations and other standards while pinpointing areas that need attention -- all presented in a simple-to-read format for maximum clarity. What's more? The report is customizable and displays real-time updates, so legal professionals have the assurance they're always compliant!

With Compliance Reporting, you can rest assured that your agreements are adhering to all the rules and regulations. No need to worry about any deadlines or compliance issues - this feature has got your back! Plus, with an intuitive user interface at hand, it's easy to keep track of everything: monitor your status in a timely manner and take action accordingly so you don't fall out of control. This is unquestionably essential for legal teams striving towards maximum organization & compliance; definitely worth taking advantage of!

Allerin's CLM platform offers various capabilities that cater to diverse contract management needs. To highlight the practical application of these features, we have listed some use cases below. These use cases demonstrate how the platform can help organizations streamline their contract management process and drive greater efficiency, compliance, and risk management. Whether you're looking to create, store, negotiate, approve, or search for contracts, Allerin's CLM has you covered. These use cases are


Allerin's CLM caters to the needs of procurement stakeholders by providing them with capabilities such as contract searching, updating and renewing contracts, and integrating with procurement workflows such as e-sourcing and procure-to-pay suites. Procurement teams can also manage contract requests, run reports and store supplier contracts with ease. Additionally, Allerin CLM also supports the negotiation of business terms, although broader contract negotiations are typically handled by the legal department.


Allerin's CLM caters to the needs of organizations that manage multiple contract types, including both buy-side (supplier) and sell-side (customer) contracts, as well as employment agreements. The platform enables collaboration among key stakeholders such as procurement, sales, and legal and provides a single source of truth for all contracts. Allerin CLM also provides advanced contract analytics, contract request, creation, negotiation, storage, and search capabilities. Setup and maintenance of the application and workflows that support business-specific processes, such as sales and procurement, are critical considerations. Additionally, Allerin CLM integrates with existing business-specific applications, making it a comprehensive solution for enterprise contract management.


Allerin's CLM caters to the needs of sales stakeholders by providing integration with the organization's customer relationship management (CRM) or configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions. The platform makes it easy for sales stakeholders to request contracts and run reports. The capability of integrating with CRM/CPQ solutions is the most critical for sales teams as sales leads are generated and maintained in these applications.


Allerin's CLM caters to the needs of the legal department by providing contract negotiation and approval capabilities, and integrating with enterprise legal management and matter management suites. The platform also supports contract creation, setting up clause and template libraries, storing contracts, record retention, and contract to search. Automated contract review capabilities can help legal teams expedite the negotiation process for third-party contracts.

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