The core capabilities of Allerin's TMS include:

  • Carrier selection:  Chooses the best carrier based on order characteristics, delivery rules, and carrier performance.
  • Tender management:  Supports the creation and management of shipment information and tender offers.
  • Shipment management:  Provides the ability to track and trace shipments and receive status updates.
  • Freight payment and audit:  Streamlines the payment and audit processes to reduce administrative effort and improve accuracy.
  • Route planning and optimization:  Supports route planning and optimization to reduce transportation costs and improve service levels.

The extended capabilities of Allerin's TMS include:

  • Parcel optimization and manifesting:  Supports multi-carrier parcel management, creation of necessary paperwork, parcel execution, and parcel visibility.
  • Transportation forecasting:  Enables organizations to identify their transportation budget, analyze order fluctuations, and provide more accurate results.
  • 3D Load building:  Supports load design and optimization based on shipment characteristics.
  • Transportation modeling:  Supports strategic and tactical planning for future freight requirements and carrier collaboration.

Allerin's TMS is revolutionizing transportation management by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, blockchain and computer vision. With their powerful algorithms optimizing the plan in real time while predicting potential issues before they arise, businesses can be rest assured that the right goods are being loaded onto the right vehicles at all times - boosting automation & efficiency for a more secure supply chain! Not only does this bring cost savings to you but also gives your business an edge over competitors.

With its powerful features and capabilities, Allerin's TMS provides organizations with the tools they need to manage their transportation processes effectively and efficiently. Whether managing parcel, LTL, TL, or intermodal shipments, Allerin's TMS helps organizations to reduce costs, improve service levels, and increase visibility and control throughout the transportation process.


Transthink® is an indepdent module of Allerin's TMS, designed to streamline and optimize transportation operations for businesses. It provides a smart and efficient solution to meet the growing demand and complexity of transportation management. Transthink® is equipped with features such as carrier selection, shipment tracking, and transportation forecasting to support a full range of transportation management needs. Its intuitive design, real-time analytics and user-friendly interface make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to take their transportation operations to the next level.

Transthink Technology View

Fleet Management

Asset Performance

Transthink®s asset performance feature is crucial for the success of any transportation company. This feature uses the latest in machine learning and advanced analytics to detect patterns and anticipate equipment failures in a transportation fleet. This helps to minimize unplanned downtime, reducing operating costs, and boosting driver productivity.By using Transthink®'s Asset Performance, transportation companies can benefit from the following:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Transthink® uses advanced analytics to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing the company to proactively address the issue before it becomes a problem.
  • Improved Reliability: With Transthink®'s Asset Performance, transportation companies can rely on their equipment to perform as expected, reducing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Increased Driver Productivity: By reducing equipment failures and downtime, Transthink®'s Asset Performance helps to increase driver productivity, allowing them to focus on delivering their cargo.
  • Better Decision Making: The data and insights provided by Transthink®'s Asset Performance helps transportation companies make informed decisions, from procurement and maintenance to routing and scheduling.

Transthink® brings trucking into the future with its Platooning feature, a revolutionary AI-backed platform that provides unprecedented cost savings and improved safety for transportation companies. Combining Peloton Technology's precision driving capabilities within close formation reduces air drag to boost fuel efficiency while making roads safer overall—a major win-win in terms of operational costs and driver experience alike! With this cutting edge capability at your disposal, staying ahead in today’s competitive landscape is easier than ever before.
With platooning and Transthink®, transportation companies can improve their bottom line with AI-based fuel efficiency. Furthermore, road safety is improved by reducing the risk of human error while simultaneously taking steps to create a cleaner environment for everyone. It's definitely an impressive trifecta! Some immediate benefits of “Platooning” feature include:

  • Increased fuel efficiencyPlatooning helps the companies in optimizing fuel consumption with actionable insights captured through various data points, trucking companies can save a significant amount of money and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Decreased driver interaction: With platooning, there is a reduction in the need for driver interaction, freeing up valuable time and resources.
  • Improved safety: With less need for driver interaction, there is a decreased risk of human error and improved safety on the road.
  • Increased productivity: By maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing the need for driver interaction, trucking companies can improve their overall productivity and bottom line.
Theft Detection

Transthink® is a top-of-the-line digital solution for transportation companies that are looking to simplify their operations and increase profitability. One of its standout features is "Theft Detection." This feature utilizes the power of AI to spot anomalies and potential threats in real-time, with the goal of preventing theft of assets or cargo.
Imagine having peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets and cargo are being monitored 24/7. This feature is a game-changer for transportation companies, who often face the challenge of theft and loss. With Transthink®'s Theft Detection, they can take a proactive approach to security and protect their investments.

Transportation Risk Management

Transportation Risk Management uses AI to mitigate potential accidents and risks associated with commercial vehicles. This feature uses powerful ML algorithms to analyze drivers' historical behavior, real-time actions while driving using sensors and computer vision module, and also scans the surrounding environment to identify potential threats. By providing real-time insights through a user-friendly dashboard, transportation companies can proactively manage risks and ensure the safety of their drivers, vehicles, and cargo. The risks covered by the transportation risk management feature include collision avoidance, drowsy driving, distracted driving, and others that may cause harm to drivers, passengers, and other road users. With Transthink's Risk Management System, you can gain a competitive edge in the market while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. Plus, anticipate and prevent accidents before they happen - saving money on repairs costs as well as insurance premiums! Also leverage its powerful dashboard for real-time insights into your fleet so that decisions are made quickly– ultimately improving overall efficiency & your bottom line.

Transportation Planning

Digital Freight Matching

Transthink®'s "Digital Freight Matching" feature is designed to help transportation companies streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. This uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze data from various sources to provide valuable insights into available transportation capacity. By intelligently matching shippers' needs with supplier capacity, DFM helps transportation companies find the right match for their freight needs, saving time and resources in the process. With a user-friendly dashboard and real-time insights, this feature is a must-have for any transportation company looking to streamline its operations and stay ahead of the competition.
Some of the business benefits of this feature include:

  • Increased efficiency:   By matching shippers' transportation needs with available capacity on the supplier side, transportation companies can streamline their operations and avoid wasted time and resources.
  • Improved decision-making:  With real-time data analysis, transportation companies can make informed decisions about which freight to take and when, reducing the risk of lost business opportunities or suboptimal routes.
  • Increased profitability:  By streamlining their operations and reducing the risk of lost business opportunities, transportation companies can ultimately improve their bottom line and increase profitability.
Dynamic Appointment Management

Dynamic Appointment Management is a game-changer for transportation companies., you'll have the advantage of smart appointment scheduling powered by machine learning algorithms and data analytics. This cutting-edge feature uses dynamic, real-time ETAs to make communication and collaboration between shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and facilities seamless. No more missed appointments or frustration due to unexpected delays. Transthink® takes care of it all, helping you optimize your operations and make your transportation process run smoother and more efficiently.
The benefits of Transthink's Dynamic Appointment Management feature can be described as follows:

  • Improved communication and collaboration  between shippers, carriers, third-party logistics (3PLs) and facilities, resulting in more efficient and streamlined operations.
  • Better visibility and control over appointment scheduling, which can help transportation companies save time and reduce frustration for all parties involved.
  • More accurate appointment scheduling  thanks to the use of smart appointment scheduling based on real-time, in-transit ETAs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, as shipments are delivered in a timely and organized manner, reducing the likelihood of delays or missed appointments.
  • Better utilization of resources and a reduction in wasted time and money, as transportation companies can more effectively manage their appointments and optimize their operations.
Real-Time Transportation Rating

Transthink®'s "Real-Time Transportation Rating" feature is like having a personal transportation advisor, providing you with up-to-the-minute pricing information for different modes of transportation. Using AI, it takes into account past and current rates to predict capacity and future rates, allowing you to make informed transportation decisions that are tailored to your specific needs. This feature provides valuable insight and support, including analytics and reporting, alert notifications, and root cause analysis, to help you make the most of your transportation budget and keep your operations running smoothly. With real-time transportation rating, transportation companies have the information they need, right at their fingertips, to make informed decisions and take their operations to the next level.
Here are the benefits of Transthink®'s real-time transportation rating feature:

  • Make informed decisions:  You can easily access real-time pricing across different modes of transportation, so you can make informed decisions and choose the best option for your shipment.
  • Get a clear picture:  Transthink® leverages AI to predict capacity and future rates, giving you a clear picture of the market and helping you avoid unexpected costs.
  • Save time and money:  No more manually searching through countless spreadsheets or waiting for quotes - Transthink®'s real-time rating means you can quickly and easily compare prices, saving you both time and money.
  • Stay ahead of the game:  With Transthink®'s real-time rating, you'll always be up-to-date on transportation pricing, giving you a competitive edge in the market.ness.
Time Slot Scheduling

The "Time Slot Scheduling" feature is designed to make delivery scheduling a breeze. It leverages AI to create a smart and predictive scheduling process that's tailored to support shipper delivery scheduling and provide a better customer experience. With its accuracy and ML capabilities, you can be confident that you won't miss any scheduled appointments. And if by any chance, you do miss a scheduled appointment, don't worry, Transthink® has got you covered with its alert mechanism. But that's not all, it even comes with a recommendation engine that suggests the best course of action based on historical data. Talk about making life easier for transportation companies!
Here are the benefits of Time Slot Scheduling:

  • Optimized delivery scheduling:  By using AI to create an intelligent and predictive scheduling process, transportation companies can ensure the most efficient use of their resources and improve customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.
  • Increased accuracy:  Transthink® Time Slot Scheduling feature leverages AI to provide highly accurate scheduling, reducing the likelihood of missed deliveries and ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient way.
  • Improved decision-making:  With real-time analytics and reporting, transportation companies can quickly identify bottlenecks in their operations and make data-driven decisions to improve their processes.
  • Flexibility:   Transthink® Time Slot Scheduling is highly flexible, allowing transportation companies to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, whether it be sudden spikes in demand or unexpected changes in delivery routes.
  • Increased transparency:  By providing real-time updates to customers, transportation companies can increase trust and transparency in their operations, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Transportation Execution


Transthink® is revolutionizing the transportation industry with its cutting-edge digital solution. One of the standout features is its chatbots, which allow for seamless communication between shippers, carriers, truck drivers, and customers. These chatbots use natural language interfaces, like chat, messaging, SMS, virtual personal assistants, social media, and voice, to keep everyone in the loop about the status of shipments.
And the best part? These chatbots have a memory, so they can pick up right where the conversation left off. Plus, with the power of machine learning, they can even offer recommendations based on past interactions. Transthink® is making transportation smoother and more efficient than ever before.
It's benefits are:

  • Convenient Communication:  Transthink®'s chatbots allow for easy and convenient communication with shippers, carriers, truck drivers, and customers via chat, messaging, virtual personal assistants, social media, and voice.
  • 24/7 Availability:   The chatbots are available 24/7, so you can get updates on your shipments at any time, day or night.
  • Personalized Experience:   The chatbots use natural language interfaces to interact with users in a personalized way, making the process feel more like a conversation than a transaction.
  • Resume Where You Left Off:   The chatbots keep track of historical data, so if you need to step away from a conversation, you can pick up right where you left off when you return.
  • Recommendations Based on Data:  Transthink®'s powerful ML engine provides recommendations to help streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.
  • Efficient Operations:   The chatbots automate many manual processes, freeing up your time and resources to focus on more important tasks.
  • Improved Customer Experience:   The chatbots provide real-time updates and personalized interactions, improving the customer experience and helping to build trust and loyalty.
Process Optimization and Automation

Process Optimization and Automation feature is a game-changer for transportation companies! With its advanced ML algorithms, the feature can help you stay ahead of any forthcoming challenges by providing actionable insights and timely alert notifications. The user-friendly dashboard offered by the feature provides complete visibility into your transportation operations, making it easier for you to make informed decisions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the transportation industry, Transthink®'s Process Optimization and Automation feature is the ultimate tool you need to streamline your operations and take your business to the next level! Here are some benefits of the Process Optimization and Automation feature of Transthink®:

Real-Time Visibility: Predictive ETA

The Predictive ETA feature not only offers real-time visibility into delivery ETAs, but it also provides transportation companies with the ability to proactively plan and manage their resources, such as vehicles and drivers, based on these predictions. This helps transportation companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate delivery information. Additionally, this feature can also provide valuable insights into potential bottlenecks in the delivery process, enabling transportation companies to take proactive measures to address any potential issues.
Here are some benefits of the Predictive ETA feature of Transthink® for transportation companies:

  • Improved accuracy and reliability of delivery schedules
  • Better communication with customers and stakeholders
  • Reduced need for manual tracking and estimation
  • Improved resource planning and allocation
  • Increased operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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