Application Maintenance

The success of an organization depends not only on holistic application development, but also robust preventive maintenance. Allerin provides you with preventive and routine maintenance services so you can focus more on your business and not worry about your applications’ downtime.

Application Maintenance

Today, an organization can only be truly successful with a robust preventive maintenance software. Enterprise systems need to support your strategic visions and evolving business.

However, in order to have a regularly updated application with maximum uptime, enterprises must:

  • spend a part of their revenue and a significant part of their IT costs in software maintenance and bug fixes
  • dedicate time and monetary resources to enable enhancements and improvements to existing software
  • keep abreast of latest technological advances in order to be a forerunner in the industry

Allerin enables clients to focus on their business while we ensure consistent performance, minimal downtime and timely enhancements as per stringent SLAs. We provide the following application maintenance services:

Preventive Maintenance

Allerin provides preventive maintenance software so that clients face minimum downtime, helping them save time and money. Our preventive maintenance software ensures the delivery of proactive solutions to help keep mission-critical application infrastructure running optimally.

Routine Maintenance

At Allerin, we give periodic maintenance check-ups and system performance check-ups very high priority. We ensure that everything is in order by conducting rigorous tests on our clients’ systems and make minor repairs, refurbishments or bug fixes periodically. It is our top priority to ensure that our client’s system is in an optimum state so that business continuity is maintaine


As a trusted and experienced IT partner, Allerin has been managing mission critical applications – both off-the-shelf and bespoke – for many clients globally. We have developed centers of excellence around the following technology platforms:

Front-end Development


Bootstrap/Responsive Web

CSS and JavaScript


Responsive UX Design







Application Frameworks




Google Web Toolkit


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