UI Prototyping

Allerin’s prototype development helps you to assess your application in advance in order to figure out potential problems and roadblocks so that your team is well prepared. It gives you a rough idea of what your application is and how it will function before any actual development takes place.

UI Prototyping

Allerin utilises User Interface Prototyping to analyse and explore the problem beforehand and to communicate different possible design ideas for a product. The prototype development helps our customers see, feel and understand their end product in a clearer way and forms a strong foundation on which the development can take place. Prototype development allows end users to get a comprehensive understanding of what the final interface design will look like and how it will function.

Information Architecture Development

It is important that the end users are intuitively able to find or come across information that they are looking for. At Allerin, the focus is on structuring, organising and labelling the content in an efficient manner. The goal is help the end user achieve the task in the least amount of time and with little effort so that the task at hand can be completed in the swiftest manner.

Wireframe Development

End user input is crucial to coming up with the right design layout and meeting the correct functionality standards. Allerin utilises wireframe development techniques to take into consideration the user’s needs and perspectives at an early development stage. This is done by laying out the content and functionality, demonstrating what interface elements will exist and where they will be placed.

User interface Creation from Scratch

The user interface is the gateway to experience the application and utilise all the benefits that the application has to offer. Allerin understands that the need and requirement of every customer is unique. Keeping that in mind, Allerin designs the User Interface elements in a way that is consistent with the need of the end user.

Analysis, Optimisation and Re-design

Analysis of User Experience allows Allerin to adjust and optimise the User Interface to make the applications more effective and less resource hungry. This might also sometimes include redesigning the applications from scratch to make them more modern and feature-intensive. This allows us to deliver the best interface experience in the market.p>

Rapid Prototyping

Time is of essence in today’s volatile and dynamic market conditions. Allerin utilises rapid prototyping to deliver tremendous results in the shortest period of time. Allerin has the right mix of tools, experience and methodology to analyse complex ideas and deliver on them in the shortest amount of time.

Clickable Prototyping

Using clickable prototyping, Allerin is able to deliver mock-ups and interactive prototypes that are the closest the users get to seeing the actual developed product. Users are able to visualize and interact with a clickable prototype in order to give specific feedback on positive and negative usability experiences.

Technology Platforms

Allerin caters to all leading technology platforms including, but not limited to:

Desktop and Web









Human Machine Interfaces

Internet of Things

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