AllRise® (Drone Automation System & Dashboard)

With ALLRise®, businesses can easily join the future of automated technology. Created by Allerin, this comprehensive system dashboard streamlines drone and robotic automation to help you maximize their potential - unveiling limitless possibilities in your organization's success!


ALLRise® allows you to be at the helm of your drones and robots, with a centralized dashboard that gives real-time access for tracking their location and status. You can even make adjustments on the fly - remotely controlling settings and configurations from wherever you are!

ALLRise® brings you the power of cutting-edge automation! From automated task scheduling to programming conditions for triggering actions, our platform streamlines your drone and robot management processes. Unleash revolutionary efficiency today with ALLRise®!

At ALLRise®, we understand the vast potential of drone and robotic automation technology. That's why we've designed our solutions to cater to a wide range of use cases and applications. Whether you're in agriculture, construction, energy production, or another industry, our technology can help streamline your operations and enhance your capabilities. Some common examples of sectors that stand to benefit from using ALLRise® include:

  • Personal robot: Automating tasks and activities of personal robots
  • Autonomous ship: Managing and controlling the navigation and operations of autonomous ships
  • Exoskeletons: Automating the operation of wearable devices that enhance human strength and endurance
  • Light-cargo robots: Automating the transport and delivery of small packages or goods
  • Underwater drones: Automating the operation of underwater drones for inspection, research, and exploration.
  • Warehouse picking (humanoid) robots: Automating the process of picking and packing orders in warehouses using humanoid robots.
  • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management: Automating the management of UAS traffic, including the coordination and routing of drones
  • Robot knowledge sharing: Facilitating the sharing of knowledge and expertise among different types of robots, allowing them to learn and adapt to new environments and tasks.
  • Drone countermeasures: ALLRise® can be used to develop and deploy countermeasures to protect against the unauthorized or malicious use of drones. This can include everything from physical barriers and signal jamming to software-based solutions that can detect and mitigate threats.

ALLRise® offers a unique technology platform that can be tailored to businesses seeking to capitalize on the latest advancements and make the most of their assets. From enterprise-level organizations looking for secure automation, analytics and scalability solutions - to small operations striving towards greater efficiency – ALLRISE® harnesses cutting edge concepts such as AI & ML in order unlock maximum potentials! Some of the emerging technologies that ALLRise® uses include:

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

SLAM technology is paving the way for groundbreaking applications, offering businesses cost-savings and a wealth of possibility. By mapping out use cases ripe for improvement with SLAM's soon-to-be improved accuracy, companies can create an innovation roadmap that will help them stay ahead of the competition.

Embedded AI

At ALLRise®, we understand that technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for businesses to keep up. That's why we've developed a unique embedded AI that helps prioritize techniques that are most beneficial for robotic use cases, such as computer vision and mapping. Our AI takes into account the maturity of these technologies, balancing the risks, so businesses can make informed decisions. With our help, businesses can develop a multi-year strategy to leverage their existing portfolio and ecosystem to exploit embedded AI opportunities, adapting and expanding their offerings and partnerships over time as the market matures. In short, ALLRise® embedded AI helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of the latest advancements in technology.

HD maps

ALLRise® revolutionizes automation! Our comprehensive platform allows customers to deploy fleets of robots and drones, creating high-definition maps for their designated environment. Plus, an intuitive human-machine interface brings the operation's sophistication up a notch with annotations so machines can safely navigate around obstacles— taking efficiency levels sky high!

Indoor location

ALLRise® understands and documents the granularity, latency, and anti-collision requirements necessary for different drone and robotic use cases, including not only X and Y, but also Z-axis location. It utilizes IoT architectures and edge processing to place location engine algorithms closer to the data collection components to reduce the latency needed for advanced applications such as guidance.

Robot and drone fleet management

ALLRise® dashboard leverages robot and drone fleet management as an enabler for greater automation and reduced human labor during the semi-autonomous stage. It determines what role fleet management will play for the solution's later stages of autonomy, and either develops needed platform capabilities or plans integrations with third parties.

Multimodal UI

Unleash the power of ALLRise® and take your user-machine interactions to the next level! Harness our revolutionary multimodal UI design model with tools such as spoken or written natural languages, touchscreens, images, video, maps and audio for a more comprehensive experience. Achieve even further enhancement by integrating select adjacent technologies into your solutions - allowing complete control over personal logistics robots and seamless last-mile delivery journeys.

Machine learning

Unleash the power of machine learning with ALLRise®! Our algorithms can drastically boost drone and robot productivity, from predicting/recognizing objects to optimizing routes for maximum efficiency. Let us help your business maximize its fleet potential - unleash Allrise today!

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