Supply Chain Planning and Automation

ChainSyncAI® is a top-of-the-line supply chain planning and automation solution created by Allerin. It helps businesses streamline their planning procedures and boost efficiency throughout their supply chain by offering a host of features such as scenario management, user experience improvements, and supply chain automation. By using ChainSyncAI®, organizations can make more educated choices, quickly adapt to disruptions in the supply chain, and ultimately see positive financial results.

Demand Planning

ChainSyncAI® is revolutionizing the way organizations plan for product demand. Our cutting-edge technology offers a holistic approach to demand planning, enabling businesses to predict needs with precision and accuracy. By leveraging advanced data analysis techniques, our groundbreaking AI solution helps drive informed supply decisions that lead your organization towards success!

ChainSyncAI® revolutionises demand planning for organisations. It allows them to craft a dependable plan through statistical forecasting, customising algorithms and time periods according to their product hierarchy. Plus, it gives them the power to manage challenging events like promotions with confidence—all while identifying customer/product combinations that will result in maximum business benefit!

Supply Planning Ccapabilities

ChainSyncAI® offers a range of capabilities to help organizations optimize their supply planning processes. These capabilities include inventory planning and parameter setting, the ability to model the complete enterprise supply network using bills of materials and bills of distribution, rules and logic for recommending replenishment, production, and procurement orders, the ability to constrain plans based on resource capacity limits, and basic available-to-promise checks. These capabilities are essential for creating a reasonable supply plan for materials and machines in distribution and manufacturing environments.

Advanced Planning Capabilities

In addition to these basic supply planning capabilities, ChainSyncAI® also offers advanced planning capabilities to further improve the quality of supply plans. These capabilities include the creation of multiechelon inventory strategies and plans that are optimized to balance service, inventory costs, and demand/supply side variability, profit-optimized supply plans that indicate the best use of constrained resources to meet demand, and the ability to calculate cost-to-serve metrics. These advanced capabilities enable organizations to create more sophisticated and optimized supply plans, which in turn helps to improve efficiency and drive better business outcomes.

Solution Extensibility

ChainSyncAI® empowers companies to keep their supply chain planning at the cutting edge. Companies can innovate and customize existing ChainSyncAI platform capabilities or add custom algorithms, models, and solutions that meet their unique requirements - all from a single point of entry!

In addition to its own algorithms and models, ChainSyncAI® also supports the use of third-party applications that leverage the underlying planning and master data within the platform. This allows organizations to use a range of external tools and solutions in conjunction with ChainSyncAI® to further enhance their planning capabilities.

Overall, ChainSyncAI®'s extensibility makes it an ideal solution for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain planning processes. Whether they want to develop custom capabilities in-house or leverage external solutions, ChainSyncAI® provides the flexibility and scalability needed to support a range of planning and automation needs.

Multienterprise Planning

ChainSyncAI® enables organizations to facilitate intercompany co-planning efforts, such as vendor-managed inventory and supplier collaboration. This solution provides the necessary tools and capabilities for effective planning and coordination across different companies within the supply chain.

This critical capability, known as multienterprise planning, enables organizations to extend their enterprise planning model and analytics to include customers and suppliers, improving the quality of their plans by taking into account the demand and supply characteristics of these trading partners and the implications on their enterprise supply chain.

ChainSyncAI®'s multienterprise planning capabilities include the ability to extend the enterprise supply chain model to include customers and suppliers using bidirectional integration and collaboration, gain visibility into relevant planning data such as orders, demand, and inventory from trading partners, manage data from internal and external sources to ensure a consistent view across a multienterprise supply chain environment, and take constraints into consideration across the multienterprise, including supplier constraints.

Overall, ChainSyncAI®'s multienterprise planning capabilities are essential for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain planning processes and improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. By collaborating with key trading partners, organizations can create more accurate and comprehensive plans that take into account the full range of demand and supply factors across their entire enterprise supply chain.

Decision/Plan Alignment

ChainSyncAI® also offers organizations the ability to align plans and decisions across planning layers from strategic planning through tactical planning to short-term planning across the end-to-end supply chain. This critical capability, known as decision/plan alignment, enables organizations to synchronize and optimize plans at different levels of granularity and time horizons, ensuring that plans and decisions are consistent and relevant across the entire supply chain.

ChainSyncAI®'s decision/plan alignment capabilities include the ability to create an integrated end-to-end supply chain model that facilitates the propagation of plans upstream through the supply chain, create pegging relationships between different order types through the end-to-end supply chain, aggregate and disaggregate between different levels of demand and supply plans using a variety of rules, aggregate and disaggregate between different time periods, and change units of measure as part of the aggregation/disaggregation process. These capabilities enable organizations to create consistent and relevant plans that take into account the full range of demand and supply factors across their entire enterprise supply chain.

Overall, ChainSyncAI®'s decision/plan alignment capabilities are essential for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain planning processes and improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. By aligning plans and decisions across different planning layers and echelons of the supply chain, organizations can create more accurate and comprehensive plans that drive better business outcomes.

Process Management

ChainSyncAI® offers organizations a range of capabilities to support and manage planning processes, including collaboration across stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise, as well as supply chain automation. This critical capability, known as process management, enables organizations to create and manage workflows across end-to-end planning, including support for predefined approval steps and monitoring of these processes. In addition, ChainSyncAI® offers preconfigured process templates for standardized, best-practice processes, and the ability to collaborate on plans and scenarios with extended groups of stakeholders.

ChainSyncAI® also offers a range of capabilities to enable planning decision automation, considering predefined rules and goals, as well as supply chain automation. This critical capability, known as planning decision automation, helps organizations to improve planner productivity and the quality of planning decisions by using multiple data sources and automating certain tasks. Capabilities include the automation of flagging alerts/exceptions for demand and supply planning and identifying the root cause of these alerts/exceptions, selecting appropriate algorithms and/or rules to be used for different products, updating plans across the end-to-end supply chain within given thresholds, and generating alternatives to respond to disruptions and recommending which alternative to implement.

Overall, ChainSyncAI®'s process management and planning decision automation capabilities are essential for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain planning processes and improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations through automation. By automating certain tasks and enabling collaboration across stakeholders, organizations can create more accurate and comprehensive plans that drive better business outcomes.

Data Integration

ChainSyncAI® is a comprehensive solution that offers organizations a range of capabilities to support data integration and supply chain automation. This critical capability, known as data integration, is essential for all supply chain planning systems, as it allows them to connect to transaction systems and close the loop on plans by instructing execution systems on what action to take.

ChainSyncAI® offers a range of prepackaged integration adapters for popular internal systems such as ERPs, financial planning solutions, CRM and MES, as well as for external data sources. In addition, ChainSyncAI® is able to update planning data in near real-time and add data back into the source ERP system, such as order recommendations, order changes, and new SKUs, enabling organizations to automate certain supply chain processes.

Overall, ChainSyncAI®'s data integration and supply chain automation capabilities are essential for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain planning processes and improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. By enabling data integration from a variety of sources and automating certain tasks, organizations can create more accurate and comprehensive plans that drive better business outcomes.

Scenario Management

This capability of ChainSyncAI® refers to the ability to create and manage scenarios. There are often multiple options to choose, particularly when confronted with a disruption to the supply chain (e.g., new customer, abnormal demand, supplier issue), where different E2E scenarios must be examined. The ability to run and manage scenarios is a key capability for many organizations, particularly as they move to integrated planning across the enterprise supply chain. ChainSyncAI® has the ability to quickly and efficiently facilitate the creation of different scenarios and offer a means for planners to see the implications of each scenario and make an informed decision. Scenario management capabilities in ChainSyncAI® include:

  • Ability for planners to easily create, compare, and manage E2E scenarios
  • Ability to easily change the rules and parameters to set up each scenario
  • Ability to manage project impacts through scenario planning

With these capabilities, ChainSyncAI® helps organizations respond to disruptions in the supply chain and make informed decisions about resource allocation and project execution. It also supports the drive towards supply chain automation, enabling organizations to streamline their planning processes and make more efficient use of resources.

User Experience

At ChainSyncAI®, we understand that the user experience is key to the success of any supply chain planning solution. That's why we've designed our platform with the end user in mind, ensuring that planners will enjoy using our tool and prefer it over any other options.

ChainSyncAI®offers a range of capabilities to enhance the user experience and make supply chain planning a breeze. With good graphical and visualization capabilities, including alerts, tasks, dashboards, and key performance indicators, our platform is easy to use and understand. We also offer persona-based user screens that are customizable to each individual's specific requirements, so everyone can work in a way that suits them best. Plus, our unified user interface means that you won't need to sign into multiple different planning modules, streamlining your workflow and saving you time. With ChainSyncAI, you'll get the best of both worlds: a robust, powerful supply chain planning tool that's also user-friendly and easy to use.

Scalability and Performance/Speed

This core capability refers to the ability of the ChainSyncAI® to handle large planning models and processes them in a timely manner as the scope and granularity of the planning models increase. As companies expand the scope of their supply chain planning and start to utilize more granular data sources, such as POS data, the size of the planning model also grows in terms of facilities, SKUs, orders, time horizons, etc. To respond to changes in execution, such as late supplier delivery, companies may want to update their plans more frequently, putting pressure on the SCP solutions to handle large data models efficiently. To ensure scalability and performance, ChainSyncAI® is designed to be deployed on public and private clouds, including one or more hyperscale clouds. It also utilizes in-memory computing to increase processing and read/write speeds and supports big data requirements.

Breadth of Resource Types Planned

With ChainSyncAI®, organizations can go beyond traditional materials and machines and plan a wider range of resource types to create more feasible supply chain plans. This includes the ability to plan for finance, transportation, labor, and space capacity, helping organizations make more informed decisions about resource allocation and project execution. By considering all relevant resource types that can impact the feasibility of the plan, ChainSyncAI® supports the goal of creating supply chain plans that are more likely to be successful in execution.

Range of Analytics

ChainSyncAI® offers a comprehensive range of analytics capabilities to support organizations in making informed planning decisions. From business rules and heuristics to mathematical optimization and machine learning, ChainSyncAI® has the tools needed to tackle a variety of planning challenges. With its ability to apply business rules and heuristics, ChainSyncAI® can quickly create good-enough plans to keep operations running smoothly. For more precise planning, the platform offers mathematical optimization techniques to help organizations find the best possible solution.

In addition, ChainSyncAI® features discrete-event simulation capabilities to test supply chain plans for robustness, ensuring they can handle unexpected disruptions. And with its machine learning capabilities, the platform can analyze large datasets to identify patterns and drive better predictions, helping organizations stay ahead of the curve. Overall, the range of analytics offered by ChainSyncAI® helps organizations make informed, data-driven decisions that keep their supply chains running smoothly.

Financial Impact Analysis

With ChainSyncAI®, companies can make smarter decisions regarding their supply chain and financial strategy. This dynamic feature allows organizations to calculate the cost of materials, machinery, labor & transportation – covering multiple currencies for maximum versatility! Now you have the power to accurately evaluate your options and manage finances with precision.

ChainSyncAI® has an additional feature that allows organizations to calculate financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, profit, and inventory value. This capability enables companies to evaluate different scenarios and make informed decisions that not only improve supply chain performance but also drive financial success. Additionally, ChainSyncAI® enables organizations to project their Profit and Loss (P&L) performance based on updated demand and supply plans, providing a comprehensive financial overview of the supply chain.

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