Quality Assurance

Allerin follows a stringent quality assurance process, with QA testing that includes automated and manual procedures along with code audits and security testing. We facilitate the growing needs of businesses to achieve greater functionality and complexity, and most importantly a diverse and flexible system that is stable.


Using QA testing methodology that cuts through every step of our software development process, Allerin develops and compiles software that meets our and our customers’ high standards and requirements. Allerin forecasts the quality, cost and effectiveness of projects to help deliver high-quality software that scores well on all quality metrics. Our QA testing helps our clients get the best returns on their investment.

The importance of quality assurance in delivering accurate and optimum software to a client cannot be overemphasized. QA testing at the developer’s end directly leads to reliable performance at the client’s end - Allerin’s ultimate aim. We, therefore, undertake quality assurance testing to look for errors in our solutions before they bother our clients.

Missing out on QA testing could, in the long run, imply not just financial losses for a business but the failure of the entire company. QA testing is therefore not an option but a crucial standard that is necessary for identifying errors at an early stage. At Allerin, quality assurance is not the last step in the development of software, but an ongoing process that Allerin integrates into the everyday development of its products.

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