Structural Testing

Allerin’s structural testing tools enable your engineers to rid your application of all unwanted bugs and functioning errors. Allerin also provides a customized testing which allows you to test your product with respect to certain stringent, pre-defined criteria, according to your requirements.

Structural Testing

Allerin utilises structural testing to make sure that all software components and the underlying structure of the program is bug-free and is functioning well. Rigorous structural testing allows Allerin to make sure that the final product adheres to our and our customers’ high quality standards.

Implementing high quality testing standards allows us to deliver the best product that ticks on all essential checklists. Implementation of this testing procedure allows Allerin to address the overall behaviour of a program. Allerin implements the best practices for structural testing to make sure that the logic of the structure is robust.

System Testing

Individual components of software in the system are tested for technical strength using code coverage, fault injection, mutation testing and other testing mechanisms.

System Integration Testing

Allerin implements system integration testing to ensure that integration such as APIs and other interfaces between different systems are working efficiently and also to verify that the different software components are being properly executed.

Regression Testing

Allerin implements regression testing to ensure that there is no compromise to the performance and structural strength of the software product when changes are made to it.

User Acceptance Testing

During UAT, Allerin runs performance and security test scenarios to ensure that the software product works perfectly even when user loads are high, user inputs are incorrect, multiple users attempt to edit records simultaneously, etc.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing allows Allerin to make sure that the product is made with due consideration for people with all types of accessibility challenges. This testing allows Allerin to implement the testing procedures that make it easy to use for people with special needs.

Specialised Testing Packages

Agile Testing

Allerin follows the principles of agile testing which allows it to improve the product while it is in development stages, making the delivery time shorter and increases the return on investment for the clientele.

Mobile Apps Testing

Allerin understands the diversity of mobile platforms and hence subjects its applications to a wide variety of testing practices to ensure that the mobile application works perfectly in different operating systems, different development environments, different screen sizes and so on.

ERP Testing

Allerin understands the importance and complexity of an ERP system and the importance of its efficiency to ensure smooth running of our client organisations. Allerin implements best industry practices in testing the ERP system’s structural integrity to ensure only the best functioning systems are deployed.

Web Testing

A web application needs to be structurally tested to ensure the underlying architecture is robust and efficient for online users. Allerin puts all web applications through a thorough testing procedure to ensure that they are left with no structural flaws.

SOA Testing

Allerin implements SOA testing to ensure that the services that are dependent on SOA are not negatively affected due to any flaws in structural integrity. Allerin implements many different techniques and methodologies to ensure reliability of the SOA.

BI Testing

Testing of BI applications is usually a little different from the traditional testing approaches used for other products/services. The goal of an efficient BI tool is to achieve results using data available. In order to do this efficiently, the underlying structure must be sturdy and intelligently designed. Allerin implements structural testing for BI tools to make sure the underlying structure is up the high standards that Allerin adheres to.

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