Functional Testing

Functional testing of your product at every stage of production is essential so that any shortcomings in the product are rooted out as soon as possible. Allerin’s solutions help you carry this testing in every way possible so that your end product is the most perfect version of your ideas.

Functional Testing

Allerin’s functionality testing methodology tests the product right from the early stages of development till it comes closest to the final product and weeds out any defects at the outset itself.

Allerin’s approach supports different development methodologies (including agile). Using functionality testing methodologies, Allerin is able to provide its clientele with a wide array of benefits like:

  • Reduced time for deployment of the final product to market
  • Minimised effort in maintenance
  • Low TCO, high ROI

System Testing

In order to ensure system quality and continuity, Allerin puts all its products through a systematic test strategy. This guarantees that the information flow is efficient. All products are subjected to a diligent process, using which they are refined.

System Integration Testing

Using system integration testing, Allerin tests the integration of the system and related packages. This helps Allerin ensure that the individual modules along with the other basic reporting functionalities and key interfaces work well.

Regression Testing

The idea behind regression testing is to find functionalities that might have been impacted due to a change and make the fixes in the shortest amount of time. Using regression testing, Allerin is able to to deliver a testing procedure that reduces the time that is taken for testing changes to the software. This helps our clients bring their products to the market in reduced time.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing requires a significant amount of participation from the users. Allerin incorporates the customer input from the requirement stage itself. Our methodology helps test the business processes, system functionality, user interface and system behaviour.

Accessibility Testing

Any product must be easy to use for the audience that it was intended for. Accessibility testing helps Allerin check that the product or service is easy to use and navigate for the intended audience.

Specialised Testing Packages

Agile Testing

Allerin integrates testing with development to utilise the potential that an agile development environment offers. Allerin uses agile testing to eliminate defects and eliminate any redundancy.

Mobile Apps Testing

Testing of mobile applications is complex as the wide variety of mobile platforms, different devices with different screen sizes and frameworks leads to fragmentation. Allerin tests its mobile applications to a wide variety of permutation and combinations to make the applications defect free.

ERP Testing

Testing of ERP systems is essential to make sure that the functional integrity of the ERP is intact. We perform specialised testing programs for complex ERP packages to flush out bugs from the system.

Web Testing

Before deployment of web applications, it is important that they are tested for real world pressure. Web testing makes sure that the web application is error free, can sustain user traffic and perform at optimum levels.

SOA Testing

To enable increased agility and improved workflow, Allerin implements SOA testing. SOA testing allows Allerin to deliver what traditional testing approaches fail at. This includes consistency, coverage and good ROI.

BI Testing

Allerin has extensive experience in the BI domain. This allows Allerin to implement testing approaches and tools that bring efficiency and value to BI projects.

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