Code Audit and Analysis

Allerin follows a stringent quality assurance process, with QA testing that includes automated and manual procedures along with code audits and security testing. We facilitate the growing needs of businesses to achieve greater functionality and complexity, and most importantly a diverse and flexible system that is stable.

Code Audit and Analysis

With growing needs of business communities requiring greater functionality and complexity, and most importantly a diverse and flexible system that is stable, it is important that coders deliver a fully functional package, on time and to budget.

A business's success can often ride on how well its IT system works and most businesses in the modern era rely heavily on their IT framework.

Bosses know they need to get this right, so concerns about quality of the platform delivered means that some businesses will seek a second opinion on what their contractor has supplied. This is where code audit and analysis comes in.

Though Allerin are experts in their field at building solid software applications, we understand that this is a very competitive market. We understand that we have a large number of competitors offering a range of quality, prices and services. Ruby on Rails is our area of expertise and we have built our company’s reputation on delivering a solid service every time. Allerin has the technical knowhow to build all aspects of your IT framework from design conception through to final delivery, and beyond that, active and professional support for as long as you require it.

We also offer a high quality code audit and analysis service for that extra level of protection to put your mind at ease. You may feel that you have the most optimized system available and a reliable support network. Even if you are happy with a system you have had in place for many years it still makes sense to hire Allerin to examine your system for ways that we may improve its efficiency and reduce its complexity. If you are about to implement a new system and have hired one of our competitors to do it, it may be wise to employ a second contractor such as Allerin to perform a check before implementation.

Allerin’s code audit will check the following aspects:

  • That all versions (such as Ruby on Rails and Java) are up to date include the latest versions and patches
  • The reliability, stability and other issues concerning the framework’s core assets (JavaScript code, fonts, CSS, images etc)
  • Reliability of the code used in the framework
  • The overall system efficiency and whether it could be made faster, more stable or more reliable
  • Whether the system is maintainable
  • We compare the framework’s code against industry standards, checking a variety of factors
  • We carefully examine security standards and any potential problems that might arise. We understand the importance of security and the protection of your sensitive data
  • Testing specs and standards – it’s important that all testing methods are stable and up to task for those vital checks


Information Gathering

This is just a representative list and the part of the Allerin team responsible for the code audit will check much more besides – we perform a thorough service and our quality is guaranteed. Building a large platform can be complex, requiring expert design, implantation and analysis. These aspects are not something that a person or business can learn by trial and error and Allerin has many years of experience with Ruby on Rails technology. We have regularly come up against problems that have come to light because of poor design and implementation problems. These issues are usually indicative of amateur programming, lack of understanding of the complexities of the problem and general carelessness (usually born out of inexperience). This will cost you time and money if the proper checks are not carried out prior to implementing your system; if you are running to a deadline, then your whole operation may be held up, or worse. The bottom line is that this will cost your business money, potentially damage your reputation and maybe even lose you precious customers long-term.

Depending on the level of service that you require from Allerin, we may either recommend certain changes, or offer to make the changes for you – we have years of experience and a breadth of knowledge to overcome even the most complex issues with your IT system. We offer a full package of support and can assure you of our diligence, professionalism and experience.

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